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New Life in the Holy Spirit
This is a prayer we need to pray every day, every day: "Holy Spirit may my heart be open to the Word of God, may my heart be open to good, may my heart be open to the beauty of God, every day." - Pope Francis

Prayer Resources:

Prayers to the Holy Spirit from Catholic online

​​​​"Pray as you go" - online and downloadable prayer

1. Pray expectantly to the Holy Spirit every day (see column on left).

2. Read this article by a priest about new life in the Holy Spirit.

2. Read more about the Holy Spirit (see suggested reading panel, right).

4. ​Consider coming to the weekly "Life in the Spirit" prayer group.

5. Follow "the GIFT" course (see above)

6. Come to Alton Day of Renewal (see below)
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A prayer journal for Baptism in the Holy Spirit – Therese Boucher

Towards a fuller life in the Holy Spirit – Charles Whitehead

Shall I renew my Baptismal promises? - Ambrose Walsh

Walking in the Spirit (various)

Pentecost is always for living - Charles Whitehead

Baptism in the Holy Spirit - ICCRS Doctrinal Commission

(Available from Good News Books
how to grow in the spirit

Online monthly mini-retreat for spiritual renewal. Including Mass, Adoration, Reflection, Praise and Worship, Inspirational speakers and Healing prayer ministry.
Full details of dates, times, topics, speakers, and how to register available HERE

how to grow in the spirit
suggested reading
Endorsed by Pope Francis
Inspiring speakers
The teachings are relaxed, personal and informative, rooted in the Bible, the Catechism, and reflections on the Holy Spirit from Pope Francis. There are also testimonies from laity and clergy.
The six sessions cover:
# The Father’s Loving Plan  # The Joy of the Gospel
# The Gift of the Spirit        # Unwrapping God’s Gift
# Encountering God’s Spirit       # Living in the Spirit
"The GIFT" is a 6-week course which helps us rediscover the joy of our Catholic faith, the love of God, the power of Jesus and the gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Watch video trailer

We ran this course as a group in 2020 but you can follow it on your own by downloading the videos for only £20.00 and using other online resources.

More information and how to order The GIFT